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Moroccan Political Parties

A summary of Moroccan Political Parties is as follows:

Party: Stiqlal Party (PI)

Founding: 1944

Secretary-General: Abbas El FASSI

Website: www.istiqlal.ma

Priciples and Obejctives: Istiqlal is the nationalist party of Morocco and the party in power, functioning in line with the Moroccan Monarchy. The connection with Islam and the constitutional monarchy and the throne, the safeguarding of Morocco's cultural identity, the realisation of economical and social equality, the development of the economy and the reduction of economic and social differences between the regions. Istiqlal also wants to offer more attention to the position of Moroccans living abroad.

Party: Popular Movement (MP)

Founding:  1958

Secretary-General: Mohand LAENSAR

Website: www.harakamp.ma

Defends the supreme interest of the nation. The program of the MP rests on various principles related to Morocco’s political and cultural identity, the promotion of private initiative, increasing the dynamism of the productive and growing sectors of Morocco’s economy, the realisation of social equality and the regulation of state intervention in the economical and social life.

Party: National Union of Popular Forces (UNFP)

Founding:  1959



Party: National Rally of Independents  (RNI)

Founding:  1978

Secretary-General: Mustapha Mansouri

Website: rnimaroc.com

The promotion of social democracy within the constitutional monarchy, the preservation of the Arab-African Moroccan identity and the defence of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. In the context of this program, the RNI calls for the realisation of a social project, aimed at the creation of a solid and competitive economy, which guarantees labour places, the development of the country, and reform of the legal system as well as the tax system.

Party: Party of Justice and Development (PJD)

Founding:  1978

Secretary-General: Saad Eddine EL OTHMANI

Website: www.pjd.ma

The Party is moderate Islamist and a growing force in the country. The Islamist PJD carefully paves the way for a more religious orientated Morocco by creating the image of being the true defender of the Muslim state.Five key points: authenticity, sovereignty, democracy, equality and development – everything in accordance with Islam.

Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS)

Founding: 1974

Secretary-General: Ismaïl ALAOUI


The PPS defines itself as an independent, social democratic, progressive national party, which respects the socialist principles, the militant traditions of the Moroccan people, the Arab-Amazigh culture and the values of Islam. The Party counts intellectuals as well as manual workers among its supporters.

Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP)

Founding: 1975

Secretary-General: Mohamed ELYAZGHI


Integrate young unemployed people into the labour force, to maintain and stimulate the development of the Moroccan arts and handicrafts and their cultural values, and the adoption of local projects in order to promote investment and employment.

National Democrat Party (PND)

Founding: 1981

Secretary-General: Abdallah KADIRI   


Created in 1981 by fragments from RNI. In the 2007 parliamentary elections, the PND (12 seats in 2002) formed a joined list together with the Covenant Party (Parti Al Ahd) of Najib El Ouazzani. This party was created in 2002 and had 6 seats in parliament (2002). Together the parties won 14 seats in parliament.

Parti Travailliste (Labour Party)

Founding: 2005

Secretary-General: Abdelkrim Benatiq


The party’s ideology is not clear yet. Initially, the party placed itself on the left of the political spectrum. Later, however, the party changed to a more centre-left party. The party itself states that it is a party for workers and middle-class people.

Constitutional Union (UC)

Founding: 1983

Secretary-General: Mohamed ABIED


It has been part of governments in the past several times. The party is considered to be closed to the palace or at least to the administration.

National popular Movement (MP)

Founding: 1991

Secretary-General: Mahjoubi AHARDANE


The program of the MP rests on various principles related to Morocco’s political and cultural identity, the promotion of private initiative, increasing the dynamism of the productive and growing sectors of Morocco’s economy, the realisation of social equality and the regulation of state intervention in the economical and social life. The party is a member of the Liberal International since 2003.

Avant Garde Social Democratic Party (PADS)

Founding: 1991

Secretary-General: Ahmed BENJELLOUN


Social Democrat Mouvement (MDS)   

Founding: 1996

Secretary-General: Mahmoud ARCHANE   


Front of Democratic Forces (FFD) 

Founding: 1997

Secretary-General: Thami KHYARI   

Website: www.ffd.ma

Action Party (PA)

Founding: 1974

Secretary-General: Mohammed EL IDRISSI



Founding: 2005



A socialist party which strives for “a dignified life and equitable distribution”.  their program is founded on the principles of modernity, rationalism, and citizenship. PSU furthermore wishes to increase the Moroccan’s sense of citizenship through education, training and cooperation with NGOs and grassroots movements. Important issues for the party are equal access to quality education and healthcare; the creation of employment; development of rural areas and environmental protection; the fight against corruption; the modernisation of the administration; and greater independence of the judiciary. PSU furthermore actively supports gender equality and equal opportunities for minorities and disabled. Within the party, a women network and a youth organisation are active.

Environment and Development Party (PED)

Founding: 2002

Secretary-General:Ahmed AL ALAMI


DEP insists on a prerequisite for any reform of the administration, it is clear its role in relation to other private sector operators, civil society and elected bodies and to that end proposes to maintain a role animation and dynamism and generalize the formula contract program. In addition, it proposes the creation, at the central level, agencies covering most sectors of economic and social development, and at the regional, multi-agency.

Party of Renewal and Equity (PRE)

Founding: 2002

Secretary-General: Chakir ACHEHBAR

Party of Citizen Initiative for Development (ICD)

Founding: 2002

Secretary-General: Mohammed BENHAMMOU

Alliance of Liberties (ADL)

Founding: 2002

Secretary-General: Ali BEL HAJ

Al Ahd Party

Founding: 2002

Secretary-General: Najib EL OUAZZANI

Moroccan Liberal Party (PML)

Founding: 2002 

Secretary-General: Mohammed ZIANE

Reform and Development Party (PRD)

Founding: 2001

Secretary-General: Abderrahmane EL KOHEN

Citizens' Forces Party (PFC) 

Founding: 2001

Secretary-General: Abderrahim LAHJOUJI

Democratic Union (UD)

Founding: 2001

Secretary-General: Mohamed FADILI

National Ittihadi Congress (CNI)

Founding: 2001

Secretary-General: Abdessalam Elaziz

Social Center Party (PCS)

Founding: 1984

Secretary-General: Lahcen MADIH

Action Party (PA)

Founding: 1974

Secretary-General: Mohammed EL IDRISSI