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Independence to the Present

1961 Death of King Mohammed

King Mohammed V died suddenly in 1961. The throne was handed over to his son Hassan II, who was 32 at the time.

1962 First Constitution of Morocco Ratified

 The constitution created a constitutional monarchy and made way for parliamentary elections. The constitution was suspended in 1965 after rioting in Casablanca led to a state of emergency. 

1971 Attempted Coup

In the Skhirate palace a coup was attempted to overthrow the King. The source of the coup was army officers who were angered over negotiations with Algeria about border issues. The leaders of the coup were publicly executed.

1972 Attempted Coup 2

Moroccan Air Force attempted to shoot down a plane carrying the King. The leader of the coup was executed.

1973 Polisario Formed

 The Polisario was a resistance movement formed against Spain by college students. The movement grew by taking over desert areas.

1975 Green March

King Hassan II organized 350,000 volunteers to cross, unarmed into Spanish Sahara. This pressure helped ot force Spain out of the Sahara. The land was divided between Morocco and Mauritania, much to the unhappiness of the Polisario who desired complete independence.

1999 King Hassan II Passes Away

King Hassan II passed away and was replaced by his son, King Mohammed 6

2000 Berber Manifesto

Organized Berbers submitted a decree calling for Morocco to acknowledge Tamazight as a national language.

2001 2010 Initiative

King Mohammed VI launched a plan to develop Morocco for receiving 10 million tourists in 2010.

2002 Development of Political Parties

26 parties compete in elections, many of whom were formed between 2000-2002.

2003 Tamazight in Schools

Tamazight is taught in Moroccan schools for the first time.

2004 Free Trade Agreement with USA

Free Trade Agreement is signed with United States, eliminating tariffs on many items

2006 Trade Agreement with China

Morocco signs trade agreement with China.

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Note- the pic of Mohammed VI is from http://www.agenciabrasil.gov.br/imagens and is used with the creative commons license.

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