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Moroccan Art

The following is a list of the best resources on Moroccan Art. As we created this resource we consulted with Beth Daymond who has an MA in Islamic Art and Dr. Cynthia Becker. Much thanks to them for their advice!

Internet Resources:

This is a collection of the best websites dealing with Moroccan art.
Discover Islamic Art - This is by far the best online resource on Moroccan art. The two places to start are in the permanent collection under Morocco and also in the exhibitions section under The Muslim West.
Bibliography of Moroccan Art: The Smithsonian Instition Libraries has put together a reading list for Moroccan art. Books are listed with editorial descriptions.
Metropolitan Museum of Art: They have put the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History online, which covers the history of North Africa withan emphasis on Art history. They also have included a bibliography, which we have included in the list of books below. 
Pattern In Islamic Art: A brief slideshow displaying patterns in Moroccan art.
Biographical Sketches of Several Moroccan Artists:  Overviews of the work and lives of several Moroccan artists

Moroccan Art Bibliography:

Arabesques: Decorative Arts in Morocco by Jean-Marc Castéra, Françoise Peuriot, Philippe Ploquin, ISBN 2867701244, 9782867701245 
Andalusian Morocco: A Discovery of Living Art by Benaboud, Boujibar et al. ISBN 1874 044 384 Available on Discover Islamic Art website.
Islamic Art and Architecture by Robert Hillenbrand. Chapters of the book focus on Morocco. Available on Amazon
The Mosque: History, Architectural Development and Regional Diversity by Frishman and Khan. Available on Amazon. The book focuses on various aspects of the development of mosques.
Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry by Sutton. Available on Amazon. Focuses on the idea in Muslim thinking that Geometry is God made manifest. 
Amazigh Arts in Morocco: Women Shaping Berber Identity by Cynthia J. Becker. Published by University of Texas Press in 2006. ISBN 0292712952
Arts in the Service of Colonialism: French Art Education in Morocco 1912-1956, by Hamid Ibrouh. Published by IB Tauris 2005. ISBN 185043851X 9781850438519
Matisse In Morocco: The Paintings and Drawings 1912-1913. By Jack Cowart. Published by the National Gallery of Art in 1990. ISBN 0810915464 9780810915466
The Fabric of Moroccan Life by Indianapolis Museum of Art, Paydar, and Grammet.
Zillij:The Art of Moroccan Ceramics by Damluji.
L'art contemporain au Maroc (Contemporary Art in Morocco). By Sijelmassi, Mohamed. Paris: ACR, 1989.

Arts and Crafts of Morocco. By Jereb, James F. . San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1996.

Orientalist Aesthetics: Art, Colonialism, and French North Africa, 1880-1930. By Benjamin, Roger.  Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003. 



Art Museums in Morocco

  The following is a list of museums in Morocco with artistic exhibitions.
American Legation Museum: 8 Zankat America. 212 (0) 39 93 53 17. The museum has two main artistic collections: the Angus Collection and McBey Collection. The Angus Collection has prints of Tangier and historical events that took place there. The McBey Collection is a collection of paintings from various artists from various countries. The museum also has a collection of maps, photos, rugs and period furniture.
Museum of Antiquities: Dar El Makhzen, Place de Kasbah. No website available. The museum has a collection of Roman ruins from the Roman inhabitation of Morocco. The museum also has a well known mosaic known as "The Voyage of Venus."
The Archaelogical Museum: 2 rue Ben Hussaien. No website available. Another collection of Roman ruins and preserved ancient North African Literature.
The Ethnograpic Museum: Avenue Skala Bab El Oukla.This Museum is dedicated to recreations and artifacts from Tetouani culture.
Dar Batha Museum:Place du Batha Fez. No website available. Tradition collection of Fes artifacts.
ONA Foundation's Villa Des Arts has exhibits of Moroccan art as well as resources for research. Their website has all the details, the only downside is that it is all in French.