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The Riads, Dars, and Villas of Rabat, Morocco | Les Riads, Dars et Villas de Rabat

The Riads, Dars, and Villas of Rabat, Morocco


Rabat is the capital of Morocco and thus draws visitors for many different purposes- tour groups, vacationers, business men, and students. Rabat has standard hotels like the Hilton and Hotel Ibis and if you are looking for your standard anonymous international hotel experience (and sometimes we are!), then these will serve you well. But if you are looking to stay in a place with charm, atmosphere and a personal touch a riad could be a great fit for you.

When you think riad (or dar or villa) picture an old mansion carefully restored and decorated and turned into a bed and breakfast.  These riads specialize in hospitality, attend to you personally and strive to make you feel welcome. The riads of Rabat would be suitable for business travelers as well as tourists. Prices are comprable to those in the hotel, but the memories made will be much more lasting. 

Rabat boasts ten riads when you include those in neighboring Sale and Temara. They are located with a view of the ocean, tucked in the Oudaya or there is even one in an oragne grove. Depending on your needs be sure to check on the exact location of the riad and its proximity to the places you will be going.

RiadReviews.com is passionate about providing you with high quality, honest information about the riads of Rabat. Shuffle through the riad profiles one by one, or search by amenity and find the contact info you need.

Please take time after your trip to fill out a review of the bed and breakfast you stayed in as well.